About the Critical Messaging Association

The Critical Messaging Association of Europe (CMA-E) is the industry association for companies that are dedicated to the wireless delivery of time-sensitive, critical messages in Europe. Our members consist of network operators, manufacturers and others that combine to deliver reliable, point-to-multipoint simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions for critical and non-critical communications. Our mission is to advance the industry to ensure world-wide growth by:

  • Providing a forum for industry participants to exchange ideas, technology, and explore new business opportunities
  • Advocating for favourable regulatory policies;
  • Developing, promoting, and administering technology-related standards; and
  • Creating a unified global voice for the critical messaging industry.

CMA-E welcomes anyone involved in the critical messaging industry in Europe or Asia to join.
The 2018 CMA Summit in Sarlat, France provided excellent opportunities to network and affirmation that innovation within the industry is happening world-wide. From new products to new services such as satellite paging and digital alerting, the critical messaging industry continues to utilize its rich history to provide the most reliable critical messaging platforms. 

The 2018 Autumn meeting will take place at Lensbury Hotel, Broom Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW119NU, UK. http://www.lensbury.com . We will have a group dinner on the evening of the Wednesday 24th October and the conference will take place on Thursday 25th, finishing at around 5.00 PM. 

To register email Derek Banner at derek.banner@btinternet.com.