Board of Directors

The Critical Messaging Association-Europe is managed by a Board of Directors elected for a period of two years by the Members.

Derek Banner, Critical Messaging Association-Europe Chairman (United Kingdom)

Derek was appointed Chairman of the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) in October 2005 when they merged with the UK's Wireless Messaging Association (WMA). Prior to this appointment he was the Chairman of the WMA since 2000. Derek spent over 30 years with British Telecom almost all of which was in senior technical and managerial positions in their Mobile Telecommunications businesses.

Derek is a Chartered Engineer with over 40 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry. He has worked in many sectors including R & D, operations and senior management. He spent the last three years of his BT career in Asia where he held a number of Project Directorships and was MD of BTs' NE Asia Division.

He has worked closely with key UK and European governments and regulatory departments such as OFCOM, the Department of Trade and Industry, ETSI and the European Commission, providing papers and representations on critical business issues.

Derek is married with two children, and lives in London, UK.

Jacques Couvas, Honorary President (France)

Jacques Couvas is Managing Director of EastMed One Corp., a consulting and trading firm advising US and European multinationals on corporate and business strategies for entering the regional markets of Eastern Mediterranean and Eurasia. He has extensive experience in modern Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), the media, and the hospitality industries. He was a founding member of the steering committee, which formed EPPA, the predecessor to Critical Messaging Association-Europe, and was elected Chairman of the Association between 1994 and 2005.

Couvas has held CEO, COO and executive officer positions and directorships in the US, EMEA and Asia with public and private companies. He has served on various committees of the ITU of the United Nations, ETSI, CEPT, and as corporate representative and lobbyist at the European Commission, the FCC, and the World Economic Forum.

Chris Jones, Director (United Kingdom)

Chris has been a Board Director for Critical Messaging Association-Europe since 2000 and was appointed Managing Director of PageOne Communications Ltd. in 2003, following two years as COO and over five years as CTO. His experience at PageOne Communications ranges from operational to executive roles.

He is a Chartered Engineer with over 25 years in the Telecommunications Industry. He has worked in many sectors including R & D within the Civil Service, and project management in Cable and Wireless and Mercury Communications.

He has worked closely with key UK government departments such as OFCOM, the Department of Trade and Industry and the European Commission, providing papers and representations on critical business issues.

Chris is married, with two children, and lives in London.

Linda Cox, Director (United Kingdom)

Linda is the Managing Director and owner of LDC Pagers Direct Limited who have specialised in providing wide area paging services and on-site paging systems right across the UK for over twenty seven years. Prior to this Linda worked for Barclays Bank for over thirteen years in various positions around the UK.  Her Company has been a member of the CMA-E (previously EMMA) since 2007

Linda was appointed to the board of the Critical Messaging Association-Europe in September 2015 having previously been working closely with the board assisting with the day to day finances.

Dietmar Gollnick, Director (Germany)

Dr. Dietmar Gollnick was elected to the Board of Critical Messaging Association-Europe in December 2002 and is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH. The e*Message group operates nationwide public paging networks in France and Germany as well as wireless financial information services in the two countries. The e*Message group runs PAMR voice and data network in greater Berlin and has alliances in other European countries.

Prior to forming e*Message, Dietmar served as Managing Director of a Germany wide PAMR company and held senior management positions with software and telecommunications companies.

Jim Nelson, Director (USA)

Appointed to the Board of Directors of AAPC and Critical Messaging Association-Europe in 2008, Jim Nelson was also elected as Vice-Chair of the Paging Technical Committee in the same year. He is also on the planning committees for EWA, AAPC, Critical Messaging Association-Europe, GPC.

Jim is the Chairman, President and CEO of Prism Systems International, Inc., and Prism Paging - US based companies that market radio paging message management products globally. With over 40 years in paging as a system developer and a system operator, Jim has held senior management positions in well known industry leading companies such as Multitone, Quintron, BBL Industries, Metromedia Paging, Arch Wireless, TGA and now owns the Prism companies.

Johan Agren, Director (Sweden)

Johan Agren is CEO of Generic Mobile, a mobile telecom operator specializing in messaging services and operating the national paging network in Sweden.

Johan originally joined Generic 2002 as VP for Product and Business development before moving in to Marketing and Sales.
Johan has been a business consultant with McKinsey & Company and has been on the board of Critical Messaging Association-Europe since 2008.

Johan is married, with three boys, and lives in Stockholm , Sweden.

Kirk Alland, Director (USA)

Kirk Alland was appointed to the Board of Directors of Critical Messaging Association-Europe in 2005 and is also a long standing member of the American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC).

Kirk was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Unication USA, Inc. in 2003, following a 15 year career with Motorola's Communications Sector. His experience includes management roles in Marketing, Product Development and Sales.

Living in Fort Worth, Texas, Kirk is married and has three children.