Membership of the Critical Messaging Association-Europe (CMA-E) provides you with a passport to connect your organisation with a dynamic group of fellow messaging companies from around the globe. All members of CMA-E share a common purpose; to advance the industry through sharing innovative and forward thinking ideas.

Membership Benefits:

  • Attendance at Industry Events to aid Networking, New Product Development, Idea Generation and Market Awareness:
    • Free participation in the annual Critical Messaging Summit
    • Ability to initiate and/or Chair Working Groups, Task Forces and other industry initiatives
    • Free attendance to CMA-E organised industry round tables
    • Participation in all CMA-E activities including the ability to vote and to be eligible for Board Directorship
  • Global Business Partnership Cultivation:
    • Free access to other CMA-E Members' and their company information
  • Increased Brand Awareness & Global Marketing Opportunities:
    • Priority to provide speakers and sponsorship at CMA’s annual summit and convention.
    • Inclusion of company news articles on the CMA-E website

How do I become a Member?

To become a member of CMA-E your organisation must be involved in the messaging industry in either Europe or Asia and be willing to contribute to the activity of the Association. To apply for membership, you must first complete an application form which will be submitted to the board for approval. You will then be contacted if your membership has been accepted.

Membership of CMA-E is for a period of one year and is non-transferable.

For more information on membership please contact us.