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Summary of The First Global Paging Convention in Montreal

Montreal, June 22, 2009 – The American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC) and the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) co-hosted the first Global Paging Convention in Montreal, Canada. Carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, and resellers from fifteen countries joined together for two days to showcase their emerging technologies and applications, and to learn innovative approaches for wireless messaging from numerous educational sessions. The convention contributes to the success of the global paging industry by providing a forum for wireless companies to meet the challenges of the new global environment with enhanced services and equipment.

Distinguished Speakers

Dr. Ralf Ackermann Vice President of the German Fire Service Association, President of the Hessen State Fire Service Association (in Germany), and Vice president of the international association of fire and rescue service well known as CTIF (Comité Technique International De Prevention Et DÉxtintion Du Feu) reinforced the benefits of paging technology in mission-critical communications based on its proven reliability, efficient one-to-many broadcast capability, extensive deployment, and its simplicity. In addition, other sessions focused on how to successfully capitalize on the strengths of paging technologies in other wireless communication markets. Manufacturers from several countries displayed their current and planned products and shared ideas for inventive and creative enhancements in the future.

The Associations

The American Association of Paging Carriers is the trade association in the United States dedicated to representing and advancing the paging industry. Members of the association are primarily paging carriers and vendors these range from small businesses that are owner/operator service providers to large, nationwide carriers. The European Mobile Messaging Association provides an international forum for similar companies involved in wireless messaging.

New Focus on the Basics

Several speakers pointed out that the strong, core of customers for pagers today are the same health care providers that have utilized paging technology for critical wireless notifications for decades.

Renewed Enthusiasm

Since the unfortunate events of 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina in the USA, and then 7-7 in London, Radio Pagers utilizing paging technology are being enthusiastically promoted for their unique ability to notify small or large groups of people, with critical time-sensitive messages when other means of communication are either overloaded or out of service. Although not commonly known, paging technology has the ability to send a common message to everyone in a very large city, or an entire country, in the time it takes to make one telephone call - and this ability already exists.

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