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Public Safety for Citizens: nP2M technology needs Harmonized Spectrum for PPDR and other Application

In recent years there has been significant development in broadband point-to-point communication. The efforts aimed at making efficient use of Europe’s digital dividend are a part of this development.

An often overlooked supplementary development has been that of narrowband communication between various centralised information sources and many, sometimes many million, simultaneous recipients. This development is referred to in the following as narrowband point-to-multipoint (nP2M) communication, specialised kind of "data broadcast communication". nP2M is a major component of the chain of actions that are necessary to alert services and warn the population in an emergency. nP2M is used today by a growing number of rescue services for population warning in crisis situations, and to supply European consumers and households with critical and non-critical weather information. Chip-sets for "embedded solutions" are currently in preparation, such as chips providing additional warning functions embedded into smoke-detectors.

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