Paging FAQ

Why should I use a pager?

Pagers are utilised by a diverse range of industries for a variety of different purposes including emergency escalations, contacting on call members of staff and managing internal communications. The benefits of paging are:

  • Pagers are very reliable and message delivery is fast (less than 30 seconds). This is because the paging network coverage tends to be greater than mobile networks and paging networks do not experience congestion problems suffered by the mobile phone networks.
  • Paging message devices can be used in hospitals and other areas where mobile phones are restricted so are a safe way to communicate with staff.
  • Paging provides a lower cost solution to messaging and communications
  • Pagers can send multiple messages to large groups of people at once
  • Pagers have a very long battery life - 6 weeks to 2 months from one battery

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